Anandapalli Maramadi

Anandapalli Maramadi

Bull race, locally known as Maramadi is a post harvesting festival of Kerala, India. Almost 300 pair of bulls participated in this event on the particular day these pictures were taken.It is an action filled event which causes many accidents but never lowers the spirit of participants

Anandapally Maramadi is the famous festival in the small village of Anandapally that is near Pathanamthitta district. This festival is held in the month of August-September; in this festival the Bull Race carnival is commonly held. The race is held in the freshly ploughed vast stretched paddy fields, this is used as a stadium and to cheer the participants the villagers gather around the stadium.

In the Anandapally Maramadi, the Ox Race Carnival the participants group a pair of oxen which is managed by three People and this is considered as one unit. The race begins in the afternoon and continues till dusk. There are 30 units that participate in the race


Ox Race Carnival

How to Reach

Anandappally is about 3 km away from Adoor, which is a major town on the State M.C Road highway. The nearest railway station is Chengannur, about 25 km from Adoor. The nearest airport is Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, about 92 km from Adoor.


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